• A leader in the demolition industry since 1964


Strong foundation. Solid, steady growth.

A leader in the demolition industry for 50 years. Two generations of growth and success since 1964. It’s what’s behind every one of our projects.

Founded by John Adamo, Sr., the Adamo Group has evolved from a small, family-run demolition company into a national decontamination, decommissioning, and demolition business partner for our clients across the United States and Canada. But our roots – our anchor – remain in the city of Detroit.

Adamo stands apart from its peers via its consultative approach and its culture, a heritage set in motion by John Adamo, Sr., continued by John Adamo, Jr., and sustained by Richard Adamo, who operates the company with the dedication and values that his family instilled. Collective decades of experience have cultivated a strong infrastructure – top engineers and management professionals – developing a team that’s enjoyed roles in many of the nation’s highest-profile projects.

For more than half a century, Adamo has become synonymous not only with demolition, but integrity. Our commitment to clients is as unwavering as our vision statement: “Professionalism, service, and attention to detail; complete customer satisfaction. This will be our true measure of success.”


The best team, the best tools, the best tactics.

We are industry leaders. What’s gotten us there? A best-practices business model that goes deeper than the specifics of our diverse projects. One that gets to the basics of what it takes to complete each job successfully: talented people, high-tech facilities, and a veritable task force of top-of-the-line equipment.

Our expert engineering and management teams strive to streamline projects, performing preliminary environmental testing and hazard assessments. We compile succinct data for easy client reviews that explain how the property’s potential end-use is affected by a myriad of factors, ranging from environmental to regulatory.

Our $25 million fleet of modern machinery is designed by the world’s leading manufacturers, all of it housed and maintained on site at our Detroit HQ and meticulously serviced by a well-equipped team of seasoned pros.

We track where all of our equipment is in real time. We have it ready when you need it. It’s a no-wait, no-third-party experience, allowing for superior efficiency, safety, and accountability.

Adamo Group is all things demolition and site reclamation. We are single-source.

You don’t last half a century without it.

Adamo strives to identify potential pitfalls within its projects – and the impact of each within our clients’ changing business landscape. We bring vision and value, the ability to not only adapt to changing technology, but an eagerness to embrace it. We meet regulatory and environmental hurdles head-on, working as associates, not adversaries.

The result is proven success in every facet of our industry, including services such as:

  • Complete and partial structure demolition
  • Site decontamination
  • Facility decommissioning
  • Asset management and recovery
  • Selective demolition for facility renovation
  • Highway and bridge demolition
  • Excavation and grading
  • Utility installation
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Recycling and industrial processing

Adamo stands apart through its laser focus on areas crucial to our clients. We are strict time managers and detailed record keepers. It’s all part of our commitment to exemplary service.

Professionalism, service, and attention to detail; complete customer satisfaction.

This will be our true measure of success.


Exceeding client expectations – every time.

Over the decades, we’ve tackled some of the toughest jobs in automotive, commercial redevelopment, government/municipal, industrial, land development, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, transit, and more. We count many prominent names among our repeat clients.

Why do they choose Adamo?

Safety. Longevity. Integrity. Resources. End-to-end precision and customer care.

Adamo does it all. We do it ourselves. We consistently exceed customer expectations – on time and on budget.

We’ve earned the right to say we do it best.